Quanesha King Christmas Skit for SKIN Music Video

Quanesha King posted a Christmas Skit for SKIN Music Video today. SKIN is set to release January 7, 2022 and Quanesha King is excited as can be. The Christmas skit was hilarious with curated video clips of previous films with Quanesha King dressing as Santa Claus.

There were no plans for Quanesha King to dress as Santa Claus. She dressed up as Santa Claus because the actor was unable to make the filming but "the show must continue" is what Quanesha King thought. In no time, Arnold Taylor - the Creative Director, saw Quanesha King in a Santa Claus outfit and they were filming ready to manifest greatness.

One thing about Quanesha King is that she is resilient, ambitious and determined to inspire and empower the culture. Check out her SKIT here and make sure to follow, like and comment @QuaneshaKing:

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