Great Things Are Here Festival

Great Things Are Here Festival

Quanesha King has had the pleasure to curate and oversee the Great Things Are Here Annual Festival.


Great Things Are Here Festival is a virtual and physical festival dedicated to affirming that Great Things Are Here through live music, art, fashion, poetry, and entrepreneurship.

Quanesha King will be performing in 2022! Get your tickets now. 

Audio Production for Clients

Extra Shalil
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Solar MoonShalil
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PFKRLuke Jenison
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Music Projects

Quanesha King has had the pleasure to record, mix, master, and write for various Recording and Spoken Word Artist. Here is some the audio that she has worked on.



Quanesha King is a music Artist and owner of Great Things Are Here based out of Dallas, Tx. Originally born in Milwaukee Wi, Quanesha King has always had a penchant for telling thought provoking stories through her music since a child. But her first journey really began when she decided to attend college for a degree in Music Recording Technology. 

She began to produce and engineer music professionally, which propelled her to open Great Things Are Here, which is a media agency that empowers and educates the world through the creation and distribution of thought-provoking content. Great Things Are Here supports and develops Thought Leaders, allowing Quanesha King and others to release creative projects that impact the world.


Quanesha King is versatile and loves to incorporate her rapping skills into soulful tunes. Apart from writing mood lifting bops and impactful compositions, Quanesha King has a passion for empowering, inspiring, and educating women through her creative endeavors.